Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sissy Priscillia artis sexy indonesia

Sissy Priscillia, was born in April 5th, 1985 at Jakarta, Indonesia. Sissy Priscillia's full name is Lyssies Priscillia. She is a master of ceremony, actress, and model.
In modelling, Sissy is already famous as a model since she was a kids. Sissy Priscillia start her carreer when she was 13th years old. In 1999, Sissy Priscillia became a runner up at "Kawanku" modelling contest.
Sissy Priscillia started to be famous when she decided to play in "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta", one of the famous indonesian movie, along with Dian sastro. Sissy Priscillia acted as Milly which is a nerd girl in that movie and one of Cinta's best friends.
Beside movie, Sissy Priscillia also play in some of movie television like "Borju" and "So What Gitu Loh".

Sissy Priscillia Foto Artis cantik romantis
Sissy Priscillia Foto Artis seksi

In 2007, Sissy played again in indonesian movie called "Cintapuccino" which was directed by Rudi Soedjarwo. Sissy was acted as Rahmi in that movie. Cintapuccino waqs adapted from Icha Rachmanti's novel.
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